“Welcome to Kohima Bible College. Kohima Bible College has its foundation with the total commitment for the service and glory of God. It is rooted on humble knees as the Lord honored and ordained it to train men and women for the global mission. Hence, the College is nurtured not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit and thus far, this has been our strength in this ministry.

The focus of Kohima Bible College is in producing ministers in the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. The College is as well aimed at preparing students who will be sensitive to God’s leading and serve the purpose of God in their lives and even live their lives giving hope to the coming generation. We have committed Faculty members who are furthermore instrumental in shaping and bringing students to Academic excellence and spiritual quality. Read more

Our Philosophy

Kohima Bible College recognizes the freedom of each student to develop his/her character under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Since the students at the college are already given admission on the basis of their personal testimony and recognized as Christians; it is essential that they live a God honouring life both on and off the campus. Every effort here is made to see that the students grow, not only in knowledge but also in the maturity of the Christian life.

Student life and Ministry

Devotional life

To balance academic and spirituality, meetings of devotional nature such as Chapel Service, daily dawn prayer, Chain-prayer night, fasting and other special meetings are arranged in the college to assist and encourage the students in their spiritual development.


In order to nurture their practical experience and ministry skills the college also provides programs such as Gospel tours, Evangelistic week, weekend ministries to Christian Fellowship Sports Academy IG Stadium and other Local Churches.

Physical and communal life

Beside their academic schedules, the college also facilitates sports and games physical exercises like gardening, cleaning the campus and social gathering with the purpose to develop their talents and personalities. The College is also proud to have the Red Ribbon Club and National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit.


Kohima Bible College is ideally situated in Kohima.  Kohima is on the national highway 29 and 61, situated at a height of 1444.12 metres. It enjoys salubrious climate.

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