Association and Accreditation

  • The College is approved by the Government of Nagaland.
  • The College is an associate member to the Asia Theological Association (ATA) and is in the process for full Accreditation.
  • The college is also affiliated to National Association of Theological Accreditation (NATA).

Admission Information

The aim and purpose of the entire programmes/courses offered here is to deepen the students’ theological knowledge and enable them to acquaint, understand and formulate their theologies, facilitate their personal relationship with the Lord and add ministry skills.

Master of Divinity or Master of Divinity-Extension Programme

Applicants for the Master of Divinity programme must be successful graduates (Bachelor of Theology degree or any general graduate). Applicants in the final semester/year or awaiting their results may also apply for the same degree programme. It is a two year residential programme and candidates are required to pass the qualifying examination set by the College. The College also offers Master of divinity-Extension Programme for those who are engaged in the full time ministry and other fields to further theological knowledge and comprehension. Applicants for the mentioned programme should be a graduate (B. Th or general) or have a minimum experience of ten years in the ministry.

Bachelor of Theology or Pre-Theology Course (one year)

Applicants for the Bachelor of Theology must be successful candidates of pre-university course/ its equivalent or who have passed high school. The duration of the course of B.Th. for the PUC/HSSLC is three years and for the HSLC, four years. Candidates for the above degree programme are required to pass the qualifying examination set by the College.

Apart from the degree programmes, the College also offers Pre-Theology Course (one year). This course is specially offered for those who have the call, desire to learn and train for the ministry and can be from any educational background. The College firmly believes that God is able to equip and train all those who look upon to His purpose in their lives. Applicants must also have a reasonable ability in English and experience in the ministry.

Academic Programme

The Academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • Autumn Semester – July to December
  • Spring Semester – January to June

General Requirements

  • Received the Lord Jesus as personal Savior.

  • Must have an approved Christian character and experience.

  • Clear conviction of the call to God’s service.

  • Total commitment and dedication to serve the purpose of God.

  • Proficiency in English.

Registration Of Courses

  1. Official registration of the courses is required prior to admission to classes. This is done before the first class is announced at the office of the Registrar.
  2. Course registration also includes payment of the tuition for courses.
  3. Any student desiring to withdraw from the College during the course of the academic year must notify the Principal.

Examination and Grading

  1. All examination must be taken as scheduled.

  2. In the event of conflicts in the examination schedule, students must see the course instructor involved before the time of the examination. Special examination may be held after but not before and should be done within the examination week.

  3. Students who fail to sit for an exam due to illness, bereavement or serious family illness may be permitted to sit a supplementary exam upon the approval of the Academic Dean.

  4. Students failing in a course may be re-examined only once in that course during the following semester. Subsequent failure will require the student to repeat the course.

  5. No retake examination will be allowed for a course repeated.


  • A+  =  93-100
  • B+  =  77-82
  • C+  =  60-66
  • A    =  88-92
  • B    =  72-76
  • C    =  55-59
  • A-   =  83-87
  • B-  =  67-71
  • C-  =  50-54
  • F    =  Below 50