The Students enrolled in the degree/programmes offered by the College must successfully complete the following total number of credit hours for their graduation:

Academic Programme

Course Total Credit Hours
Master of Divinity (Residential) 80
Master of divinity (Extension) 60
Bachelor of Theology (PUC/equivalent) 110
Bachelor of Theology (HSLC) 135
Pre-Theology 35
Pre-Theology Course: 1 Year


  1. English I
  2. Introduction to the Bible
  3. Introduction to Theology
  4. Intro to Mission
  5. Basic Christian Counselling
  6. Christian Education
  7. Discipleship & Spiritual life


  1. English II
  2. Work of the Holy Spirit
  3. Personal Evangelism
  4. Homiletics & BSM
  5. Church Administration
  6. Pedagogy
  7. Christian Leadership